Bare Minimum WFH Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup: The Bare Minimum

This office setup is a bare minimum to help you get things done. It’s not meant to be an office, but rather a space to work.

At the most very basic level, think about what you need. Keep it simple.

These are my top 5 that I would have to have, not including writing material:

  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Storage
  • Desk (and that’s a maybe) at least a place to put my laptop
  • Second Monitor
  • All in one printer, scanner, and copier

I say maybe to a desk, because you can use the dining room table if you needed to.

Why these are my minimums

Most people would love to have their own office. But few people have the space or budget to make it happen. So instead, they turn their homes into makeshift offices.

These are my bare minimum for an office, because this is what I worked with during college. My work area was either the couch or dining room table. My dedicated storage was a few shelves beside the fireplace. Most of the things that I needed throughout the day were in my backpack. 

During this time, I made the most with what I had on hand. I had pretty much the same setup throughout art school as well. A good portion of it was doing the artwork instead of being behind a computer.

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